The benefits of steam cleaning.

Affordable, eco-friendly, easy to use. The only shame would be not to use it.

Less products, less water, less complications. And much more saving.

With steam cleaning your initial investment will be repaid over time - and more than once. There are no secrets or complicated formulas: simply, saving comes from the drastic reduction in the use of detergents, disinfectants and water. Moreover, you do not need to pay other companies for specific services such as sanitation, tile joints (grout - ma è il materiale) cleaning, carpet cleaning, and sanitary control in commercial environments. Thanks to steam, cleaning is simpler, more efficient and with no application limits.

Detergents? Eco-friendly

With steam cleaning you don’t need detergents anymore, this is the only cleaning method that allows to completely abandon other products. But where they are required, the choice falls on our line of ecological products, with no chemical agents. In conclusion: ecology and performance in our case are a perfect marriage.

Cleaning. Made simple.

Those who try for the first time steam cleaners are amazed at how easy they are to use compared to traditional machines. Cleaning jobs that with other methods are tiring and complicated, with steam cleaning become easy - and even fun. The results? Higher than what you are used to. And in addition to the satisfaction of the outcomes there is also the awareness of having embraced a new way of working, where environmental responsibility has a key role.

Results? Just in front of your eyes

Easy to use, ecological, convenient. But first and foremost effective. Steam cleaning gives surprising results, unthinkable with traditional methods. And there is nothing better than a practical test to observe it with your own eyes.

Ecology and environmental responsibility. In practice.

Think about how much water is consumed by the traditional cleaning of spaces or vehicles: consider that you only need to keep a 30 second home tap open to consume 1 liter and a half of water. Instead, with 1 liter and a half of water a steam cleaner cleans for almost an hour - and no rinsing is needed afterwards!
If we add that with traditional methods it is indispensable to use detergents (that can be completely eliminated in the steam cleaning), there is not much to add to understanding the true nature of the ecological nature of this cleaning method.

An aid for allergies

Steam sanitizes the environments and kills moulds, mushrooms, dust mites. Therefore, it helps to prevent allergic pathologies that usually result from natural reactions derived from the presence of these bacteria or chemical reactions.

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