Car interior steam cleaning certification

12 December 2017 in Certification

We wanted to measure the level of efficacy of our DettaglioAuto car interior steam cleaning treatment, the testing measure has been conducted by a third party certified laboratory (ACCREDIA) in order to obtain a certified test-report.Car interior steam cleaning certification

The treatment was carried out on a Ford Fiesta interior which was never treated with the steam before and it has been followed the DettaglioAuto’s protocol of execution, the same that is taught during the training course. The quantities of microbial contamination measured before and after the treatment are visible in the table (see page 5), the conclusion was very satisfactory.

This validates the effectiveness of surface sanitization by adopting the eseucion protocol with the aid of the IMEX-09EVO steam machine, the biodegradable detergent “Ecological Cleaner” and the ozone generator.

The result was made possible by the development of a system that combines a precise tecnique with the use of dedicated equipement and biodegradable products.