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The project.

Since 2000 we have been developing products and processes for steam cleaning. Everything started with the awareness that steam can be used to clean without using aggressive chemicals. So, we have transformed this belief into a startup, working on integrated solutions for environmentally friendly cleaning of spaces and vehicles. Until we were the first to set up a standard for the eco-friendly cleaning of cars.

Ecology begins with training.

The use of steam in ecological cleaning is not just a question of technology and products. The effectiveness of the solutions also depends on the processes and the technical standards: and moreover from the constant training and updating of partners and operators. The constant technical training enables to add value to the products, reduce waste and consequently increase the ecological value of the business.

Our story. A revolutionary idea that begins with a timeless technology

At the turn of the millennium, between the late 1990s and 2000, the two of us, Mauro and Fabiola, got an idea. This idea concerns two things: the first one is focused on the contemporary market of professional cleaning. The second one is timeless, as old as the world: steam. The relationship between the two has never really succeeded in establishing itself over time, although it’s something that could change the whole industry.

Our idea is precisely about this still invisible bond between market demand and the best technology to satisfy it. In short, we are convinced that steam is the best and most effective method of executing any cleaning operation. With just this idea and little else as resources, we decide to give it a try and turn it into our own entrepreneurial project – also because we feel that the established industry landscape is too slow to keep up with our pace.

Our first office is a small black desk in our bedroom. An old computer to connect us with the outside world, some notebooks and a great desire to make the intuition to work. The next step is to find the best solutions to shape the idea. An idea as simple (in theory) as it is innovative: steam cleaning.

First showcase and successes

We study the market and the technological evolution that at the time was just at its beginning (but even today it does not seem to have stopped!). Meanwhile, in those years something changes drastically and globally: a new medium transforms the communication habits. Internet gives our project a new showcase with no geographical or cultural boundaries, so we put online our first website. A small space where we promote steam cleaning and the best products to use it, with a focus on Made in Italy.

Since then, everything has changed fast. Our idea takes shape, investments and passion quickly are transformed into achievements and new challenges. Finally our project becomes a benchmark for every application of steam cleaning and its principles.

Steam cleaning meets the car washing industry

After more than a decade the ideas grow, evolve and improve. Between 2008 and 2009 we become aware that steam potential has not yet been thoroughly studied to be applied to car washing, nor it has been really exploited. Year after year traditional car washing methods with high pressure cleaners, rollers and other standard solutions continue to waste tons and tons of water. This is the awareness that moves us to elaborate our first study of feasibility and effectiveness aimed to create tools dedicated to the car washing… Also keeping in mind another well-established principle: we try not to limit our research to something too specific, because it would also limit the diffusion of the solutions and their market.

For us steam cleaning also means versatility. At the beginning of our path there was many closed doors. Maybe this happened due to skepticism or… who knows what else? But at the end, thanks in particular to the concrete value of our ideas (and maybe to our perseverance) we can say that we won: foremost against skepticism, but not only. In 2009, our first line of steam cleaners for cars was born.

Much more than machines. It’s about knowledge and training

Without ever stopping to move on, we keep an eye on the future and another on the past. We always look for something new, something to improve: in particular, we want to make our customer’s task easier, more efficient, more effective. With this perspective we continue to work restlessly, especially behind the scenes. We collect (and always ask for!) all the opinions and comments that our customers provide us, so that we can understand where and what we need to improve. At the same time it becomes clear that customers need more help to be successful in this industry which becomes more competitive and evolutive day after day, by embracing steam cleaning. Here comes another intuition that changes the scenario, again. We do not want to be just equipment providers: for us, to give knowledge and education is even more important. This permits our customers to gain all the know how needed to break into a new market where professionals are increasingly demanding.

09Evo Series, DettaglioAuto, patents

From here onwards the project goes on – it is a rush! And we keep listening our customers. Meanwhile the steam cleaners line evolves: sometimes evolution means simplification, in order to obtain the best performance, along with portability and usability. After some prototypes and many tests, we launch 09EVO line.

Reinvigorated by the success achieved in the car industry, we understand the importance of giving a specific name to everything that is part of this industry. A specific name that must be perceived as its reference point: synonymous with absolute quality and professionalism. This is the reason why we create the DetailAuto division. With a dedicated website and an accurate study of products and accessories, DettaglioAuto becomes the only brand which can offer cutting edge technologies and professional know-how in any aspect of car washing industry.
Not only that: we also obtain patents for two simple yet revolutionary ideas applied to line 09EVO.

Patent #1421402: Connection system SK09: It allows to separate or combine, when needed, two machines (steam unit and wet&Dry unit). This makes the mobility/portability much easier.

Patent #1421719: Led Light (DLS) on each gun (for exterior steam tube and interior steam and vacuum tube).

What we mean by quality. And the story continues

We had achieved many goals since we had just that old computer and a black desk in our bedroom. But what interests us the most is always what is next to come: quality for us does not just mean “create something good and sell it.” Quality is not only a material achievement, to be considered just in terms of machinery and other things, but a principle that constantly inspires our work physically and mentally. Especially when we work on it internally with our team to improve procedures, the relationship with customers, the exchange of information.
That is why we pursued the tangible application and recognizability of this idea of quality with another long journey that started in 2016 and lasted for almost 1 year. This journey did not just give us a certificate, but a new perspective on doing our work. In 2017 we got the ISO9001.
This is not a final goal, it is another important step: we will continue to work with you and for you to build a future where we will be protagonists. Together.

  • 2000

    Imex Serve is born

    Mauro Arici and Fabiola Fanelli create the startup: the mission is to sell steam cleaning machines that contribute to improving the quality of the environment, reducing the use of chemicals and water consumption.

  • 2001

    We launch the website imexserve.it

    We acquire a US client: it is the beginning of the export of steam machines in North America

  • 2003

    We acquire the first US client

    It is the beginning of the export of steam machines in North America

  • 2008

    A new benchmark for car cleaning

    We experiment the use of steam in car cleaning

  • 2009

    The first machine dedicated to cars steam cleaning

    We develope the first machine dedicated to cars steam cleaning. It is the model IMEX-SVC09CW, the machine designed to apply the best steam cleaning functions

  • 2010

    Innovation begins with training

    Our close relationship with customers makes us understand the need to provide training courses to teach the right technical procedures to safely and effectively carry out steam cleaning of cars. From this moment on, innovation goes hand in hand with training

  • 2013

    The evolution of steam cleaning machines: 09Evo Series

    The launch of the new 09Evo machine line brings cars steam cleaning technology to a new level: improving in maneuverability, portability, functionality. Also for home-based services

  • 2013

    Next come the ecological detergents

    We start studying ecological detergents

  • 2014

    The first series of ecological detergents

    We launch our first series of ecological detergents with no chemical agents

  • 2014

    DettaglioAuto become a trademark

    The brand dedicated to car washing is registered

  • 2015

    The technology goes online

    We launch dettaglioauto.it, the website dedicated to the cars steam cleaning

  • 2015

    Two new patents

    Imex gets the grant of two patents:

    Patent #1421402: Connection system SK09 patented: It allows to separate or combine, at the need, two machines (steam unit and wet&Dry unit). This makes the mobility/portability much easier.

    Patent #1421719: Led Light (DLS) on each gun (for exterior steam tube and interior steam and vacuum tube).

  • 2016

    Objectives: organization and efficiency

    Monitor and make the processes and organization of society even more efficient.
    The ISO 9001 certification path begins

  • 2017

    We are officially certified with ISO 9001

    In July, we achieve the goal


Emanuele Marchesotti
orders and
Fabiola Fanelli
founder and
chief accountant
Mauro Arici
founder and
chief sales officer
Stefano De Rosa
customer care and
technical assistance

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