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Effective and sustainable in environmental and economic terms, steam cleaning opens opportunities impossible for other technologies. We give you the services you need to make the most of it.

Steam cleaning is an interesting topic for its efficiency, economic and environmental sustainability, and flexibility: it can be used at home, in restaurants, in the office, in the industry, in cleaning our car and in many other contexts. But to make the best of it, the right equipment is just a great start. Training, support and continuing updating are the keys to getting the most out of this technology. Here’s how we can help you.

Technical training courses for the application of steam cleaning

Since 2011, we have been organizing specialized training courses (and learning processes) to teach you steam cleaning techniques: an experience to learn how to use this technology in every context and on all surfaces, thanks to professional accessories and biodegradable products. The list of courses are always renewed, with updating opportunities and the introduction of new services, techniques and products.

Marketing, communication and commercial ethics courses

In order to present our products in the best way, we need to know not only their external features, but also the technologies, techniques and processes that make them superior to traditional products. That’s the reason why customers choose them. We share with you also these aspects of our work - and the ethics that accompany it.

Post-sales assistance

Selling is just the beginning of our relationship. We follow you step by step through the entire lifecycle of the product you chose: from the first contact to understand your request to the best solution of the problem. If needed, with the shipment of spare parts (which are always available in prompt delivery): and if you need to send us your machinery, we can provide a replacement equipment for you to continue working. We record every intervention with its unique code, diagnosis and solution so as to describe an history of the machine to improve its design and assistance. Giving you a better service.

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