Steam sanitisation of vehicle interiors

03 March 2018 in News

Have you ever thought of how many germs proliferate inside a vehicle interior?
We are inclined to trust our eye, a simple suction, a spray polish and everything seems clean enough. Looking at the surface under a microscope, however, we can realize how scarily high the concentration of bacteria is inside the pores and between the fibers of the surfaces with which our body comes in contact with, thus causing respiratory problems, allergies and illnesses.

Many people underestimate this important fact, we do not realize it but we usually spend many hours inside a vehicle, private or public, whatsoever. The quality of the living environment that surrounds us actually determines the level of our well-being!

Thanks to the sanitisation method we have developed we can drastically reduce the germs contamination. This method consists of a specific protocol of execution in combination with the used of  proper equipment which combines the steam with a biodegradable product.

Below is the diagram that shows the results we have obtained: the stated values ​​(100, 200, 300, etc.) are expressed in UFC / 24CM2 which are the Units Forming the Colonies  on 24 cm-square, or in UFC / SST which are the Units Forming Colonies on Swabbed Surface. The black axis shows the value of bacteria existing before the treatment while the green axis shows the same value after the proper treatment.

The measured parameters are the TVC Total Viable Count, and Fungi (Yeasts and Moulds)

Here is the complete test-report

Do you consider buying a used car?
Ask for your dealer to deliver it to you after a qualified sanitisation treatment.
Do you find difficult to know by whom and how the vehicle interior of a used car has been treated before?
Do you suffer from allergies or asthma?
Do you often transport elderly or newborn?

Beware of unqualified treatment, real sanitisation involves a precise methodology and the use of specific equipment and products. When you have to wash your vehicle interiors or your upholstery, sofa, leather chairs, carpets, mats and rugs, then you should bear it in mind that now there is the possibility to clean and sanitise them in a different, much more effective way compared to the conventonal methods of  suction and cold chemicals injection.
Steam at the right temperature, combined with a specific biodegradable solution and following the right process, accomplishes a more thorough cleaning result that lasts longer.

Request a steam sanitation treatment to your workshop by your trusted professional.

Do you want to participate in our class to learn how to sanitize vehicles according to the Dettaglioauto’s protocol and then be able to offer this certified service to your clients?
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