A new perspective on doing our work: we achieved the ISO 9001

11 September 2017 in Certification

When we tell our story, looking backward we can say that we have already achieved many goals.

But what interests us the most is always what is next to come: quality for us does not just mean “create something good and sell it.” Quality is not only a material achievement, to be considered just in terms of machinery and other things, but a principle that constantly inspires our work physically and mentally. Especially when we work on it internally with our team to improve procedures, the relationship with customers, the exchange of information.

That is why we pursued the tangible application and recognizability of this idea of quality with another long journey that started in 2016 and lasted for almost 1 year. This journey did not just give us a certificate, but a new perspective on doing our work. In 2017 we got the ISO9001.

This is not a final goal, it is another important step: we will continue to work with you and for you to build a future where we will be protagonists. Together.

Here is the certificate.