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To whom is this site directed?

This web site is directed to Importers, Distributors, Retailers, Sales-Agents which are looking for innovative and environmentally friendly products, machinery’s, equipments. Imex is today looking for expanding its own product range in the field of ecology, energy savings, and in generally speaking any products that can contribute in protecting and preserving our environment.

What we intend for Business to Business

In our vision a Business to Business Company should provide the followings:

  1. It should have skills in International trading business (import-export, shipments, payments, insurance, etc.etc.).
  2. It should have a solid knowledge web-base background and with that support the customer (importer/distributor) 24 hours/day.
  3. It provide the best product available from the market, simply because the product selected came from an extensive market survey and research, it has been proved by many customers around the world which precious feed-backs are continuously helping to improve the product quality and performance.
  4. It should have solid web marketing knowledge and consequently can benefit from the search engines good ranking position. This allows a B2B Company not only to supply importer/distributor with the best product and service but also to convey them inquiries and business opportunities for the products that are coming directly from the importer/distributor’s specific areas.
  5. Provide back up support information; on the product, strategy, experience- sharing everything that can help importer/distributor in succeeding to become a key player in his country.
What is the support provided by Imexserve?

We provide our know-how and support to establish successful long term business project. The selected equipment will allow you to find your market niche thanks to the machine characteristics and special features. We will be able to provide you a range of equipment to satisfy the domestic and professional market.
Full and clear technical information are provided to allow an efficient after sales service such as explosion view, parts list, diagrams, etc. We are paying maximum attention to this part of the business as we want customer’s satisfaction on our equipment.

How to get pricing information?

Firstly we suggest browsing our web site and locating the model or the models that can be ideally fit into your market and requirements, and then we invite you to contact us by filling up the form at our contact page as first approach.

How is the warranty handled?

Each supplied equipment will have its own serial number and production date. We will require to our customer a repair report for each machine, this repair report should contain the following information;

    • Serial Number
    • Problem claimed by the user
    • Diagnosis of the problem found at the service center
    • Intervention and part number replaced

The parts replaced will be provided under warranty, whenever there are cases that the technician is not able to repair the machine we will instruct how to proceed case by case. We believe our warranty policy is a constructive and beneficial system for both sides. We care to provide the best possible support as this is the only way to establish long term and constant businesses.

How is the business flow chart?

This is an example of a standard business flow chart;

      1. Contact, approach, communication exchange.
      2. Equipment selection.
      3. Sample order: we will provide a proforma invoice with the full details of the sample order and instruction for payment and shipment.
      4. Sample evaluation.
      5. Product personalization; logo, accessories, packaging, colors, any other special requirements.
      6. First order.
      7. Order forecast and shipment schedule.
How is the payment transaction?

We normally allow two types of payment transactions;

      • By wire transfer in advance
      • By irrevocable letter of credit at sight
How is the shipment carried out?

We are using the major Int’l freight forwarders such as Danzas/Dhl, Schenker, Etc. Thanks to the regular shipment volume we can get competitive freight rates with best service.
Imexserve can quote C.I.F.(Cost Insurance Freight) basis by air or sea shipment to any airport or port destination. Alternatively we can quote on ex-factory basis if customer can appoint his own forwarder to arrange the pick up and shipment from Italy.
As our Company policy we insure every shipment with “all risks” policy that covers 110% of the shipment value.

Are OEM business inquiry acceptable?

We distinguish OEM in two ways;
– The external personalalization of the product and packaging with customer’s brand name and logo
– The external and internal technical design modification according to customer’s requirements.
Both ways can be considerable subject to the business expected volume and the feasibility of the design modification requirement.

What is the Private Area?

The access to the private area is only exclusive for our regular customers, the customer can access to its own private section where it is possible to find all the technical resource information on the handled items and have a real time business situation online.

We believe that successful business is possible only when all the process are under controlled; from the production to the final user.

You Have One More Question?

If you have any more question, please send us your question by the contact form. We will aswer you soon.

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