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About Us.


Since 2000, IM.EX SERVE  SRL is responsible for the research, development and supply of specific equipment for ecological steam cleaning professional services.

DettaglioAuto is the division that has the mission to spread to the national and international market the new concept of ecological car cleaning that provides sanitization of the interiors and renovation of both the car interiors and exteriors.


2000 foundation of the IM.EX SERVE company with the purpose of promoting the sale of steam cleaners.svc09
2008 First trials of a new concept of ecological car steam cleaning.

2009 First version of the IMEX-SVC09 CW machine fixed. Designed to steam clean better, both the car interiors and exteriors.


2011 Start of car steam cleaning TRAINING COURSES.
We realized that the success of these services depended not only on the equipment but also and above all on the technical training, the know how to use the steam in the proper way, with products and accessories for the various surfaces in order to optimize time, work safely and get the best results.

2014 development of the new range of the exclusive IMEX-09EVO machine for the car interiors and exteriors steam ceaning, either at home or at fixed locations.

Placement of patent applications for:

Patent no.1421402 Support for solid-liquid suction:
Two independent machines (solid-liquid suction unit and steam generator unit) that can be joined if necessary to make steam-suction simultaneously. Easy transport.

Patent no. 1421719 Light Led on steam pipe handles:
Essential for those who make car sanitation services and cosmetic care, to work safely and eliminate dirt even in the darkest corners.


Study and implementation of specific biodegradable detergents to be used together with steam.

Car steam cleaning requires the use of specific products. After having been reported by some customers who are experiencing respiratory problems using products found on the market to be sprayed with steam, we have developed, in collaboration with a specialized chemist, a line of highly biodegradable and non-allergenic products which have great success among customers.

2015 Registration of the "DETTAGLIOAUTO" trade mark.

Launch of the web site:

Received grant of patents mentioned above.

2016 Start of cooperation with the Granchi & Partners consultancy company for mapping and optimizing the effectiveness and efficiency of our processes and organization.

2017 We expect to obtain the ISO 9001 certification.

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